Niike desatándose una sandalia Expand
Niike desatándose una sandalia

Nike untying a sandal.


Beautiful copy of the panel from the Temple of Athena Nike in the Acropolis of Athens. Nike, the goddess of Victory, relaxes to tighten her sandal. This marble work is an typical example of the new artistic developments that, after having mastered the human anatomy, seek to use the figure as an expressive way, exhibiting attitudes and introducing on sculptures transparent fabrics, as a novelty. The original work, in marble, belongs to the Acropolis Museum (Athens). This relief arrived for the first time to Spain in 1872 in the expedition of the frigate Arapiles.

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Título Relieve original de exterior Niike desatándose una sandalia 54 x 14 x 90H cm 30 kg
Medidas 54 x 14 x 90H cm
Peso 30 kg
Material Mármol reconstituido
Técnica Vaciado
Colección Bajorrelieves.
Modelo 08-04
More Information Finish in aged marble of the original work.
Warning The reproduction of this object has been made with traditional methods of casting. Being a completely handcrafted process the finish or the final appearance of the pieces may not be exactly the same as the one shown in the images.