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El hombre sobre la ciudad
  • El hombre sobre la ciudad
  • El hombre sobre la ciudad
  • El hombre sobre la ciudad
  • El hombre sobre la ciudad
  • El hombre sobre la ciudad
  • El hombre sobre la ciudad

Dolores Montijano

Man over the city.


Dolores Serrano Ruiz (Alcalá la Real, 1934) is a Spanish painter and recording artist. Known in the artistic scene under the pseudonym of Dolores Montijano. She began studying painting between Seville and Granada and then completed her training with trips to Paris where she met Picasso. Her studies in engraving began at the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation and then continued in Italy and France.

She has more than twenty works in museums and official entities in different countries, among which include the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, the Ermitage Museum of St. Petersburg, Russia, Gallery of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and the Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, Marbella (Málaga).

She has received numerous awards among which are: The First International Medal of Engraving and Stamping System in Madrid; Medal of Merit of the BB.AA by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts or the Hercules Prize for Culture of Alcalá la Real (Jaén).

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Autor Dolores Montijano
Nacimiento Alcalá la Real (Jaén), 1934
Título Estampa contemporánea Dolores Montijano El hombre sobre la ciudad
Estampacion 1998
RealizacionPlancha 1998
Huella 250 x 328 mm
Medidapapelaprox 760 x 560 mm
Material Papel
Técnica Aguafuerte y aguatinta
Colección Colección de arte contemp, Fund. BBVA, Calcografía Nacional, 1998
Modelo C7688
More Information The print is signed and numbered by the author. The number on the purchased artwork may differ from the photograph.
Warning Size of each artwork may vary in millimeters.