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Fernando Rodrigo



Fernando Rodrigo (Segovia 1944 - Madrid 2014) was a Spanish artist. He began his artistic training as many other artists of the time, being a student of Antonio López at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando

He is considered one of the unique artists of the called Second Generation of Realists that emerged in Madrid in the late sixties of the twentieth century.

He has participated in the main exhibitions that have taken place, both in Spain and abroad.

He has also participated in different international fairs being usual in ARCO and in some made in North America.

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Autor Fernando Rodrigo
Nacimiento Segovia, 1945
Fallecimiento Madrid, 2014
Título Estampa contemporánea Fernando Rodrigo Esquisto
Estampacion 2009
RealizacionPlancha 2009
Medidapapelaprox 560 x 760 mm
Material Papel
Técnica Aguatinta, aguafuerte y bruñidor
Colección Colección de arte contemp, Fund. BBVA, Calcografía Nacional, 2008
Modelo C8978
More Information Technical collaboration of Beatriz E. Medina. The print is signed and numbered by the author. The number on the purchased artwork may differ from the photograph.
Warning Size of each artwork may vary in millimeters.