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Milena Aguilar Polak

Insects I.


Milena Aguilar Polak (Linz, 1968), is an Austrian artist. She has a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Arts in Braunschweig, Germany. In addition to her artistic activity, she also stands out for her work as a teacher at the University of the Arts in Bremen.

She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in different countries such as Germany, Spain, Hungary, among others. She has also participated in international fairs and galleries such as the Kunstköln Gallery in Cologne, MadridEstampa or the KIAF Gallery in Seoul.

Her works are in different collections and institutions such as the National Calcography, the National Library in Spain and the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony and the Griffelkunst Hamburg in Germany.

The work of Milena Aguilar has received different prizes such as Prize of Engraving "Prize Contest Graphic Art for Young Creators", International Prize of Engraving "Accesit International Prize of Engraving" or the Weldekunstpreis, among others.

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Autor Milena Aguilar Polak
Nacimiento Linz (Austria), 1968
Título Estampa contemporánea Milena Aguilar Polak Insectos I
Estampacion 1998
RealizacionPlancha 1998
Huella 150 x 190 mm
Medidapapelaprox 340 x 500 mm
Material Papel
Técnica Aguafuerte
Colección Colección de arte contemp, Fund. BBVA, Calcografía Nacional, 1998
Modelo C7678
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Warning Size of each artwork may vary in millimeters.