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José María Sicilia



The National Chalcography of the Royal Academy of Arts of Spain curates contemporary graphic art since 1993. Every year, since then, ten selected artists are asked to create graphic art for the Academy. The priority strives on the promotion and inclusion of graphic art among the creative community. This collection of contemporary graphic art, from 2017 worlwide commertially available, include original signed works from consacrated spanish masters such as: Enrique Brinkmann, Jordi Teixidor, Luis Feito, Cristina Iglesias, Rafael Canogar... as well as other young, promising and full of talent artists. From 2001 foreign creators where included on the proyect as well as new graphic techniques. This collection is guaranteed by the Academy and curated and produced with our chalcographic atelier, one of the three best and oldest in the world. This means an exquisit artisan production of the highest quality. A collaboration between the artist and the Academy that bring to the market outstanding contemporay graphic art for everybody's enjoyment. With this purchase you endow resources to maintain artistry on the contemporary world of graphic art, linking new creators to traditional and exceptional Institutions.

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* Transporte incluido en el precio

Autor José María Sicilia
Nacimiento Madrid, 1954
Título Estampa contemporánea Scicilia Sin título 2009 760x570 mm
Estampacion 2005
RealizacionPlancha 2005
Medidapapelaprox 760 x 560 mm
Material Papel japonés
Técnica Litografía
Colección Colección de arte contemp, Fund. BBVA, Calcografía Nacional, 2005
Modelo E8121
More Information Technical collaboration of Beatriz E. Medina. The print is signed and numbered by the author. The number on the purchased artwork may differ from the photograph.
Warning Size of each artwork may vary in millimeters.