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  • Antonio Cabot

    Born in Mataró (Barcelona, 1950), Antonio Cabot is a Spanish painter, draftsman and engraver. He has a degree in fine arts, specializing in painting from the School of S. Jordi in Barcelona, as well as studying engraving at the National School of Engraving in Madrid, and L'Escola de les Arts del Llibre de Barcelona. He has made more than thirty...

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  • Felicidad Moreno
    Sky's skin.

    Felicidad Moreno (Lagartera, 1959) is a Spanish painter Among the awards received, the National Graphic Art Award, from the National Chalcography, 2006; the Altadis Prize for Plastic Arts 2001 and the Ícaro Prize for Visual Arts, Diario 16, 1996. He began his artistic training at the School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid, and afterwards at the Círculo de...

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  • Julio León
    New Euro I.

    Julio León (Soria, 1950) is a Spanish artist and engraver. He studied in Barcelona, graduating from the Art School of Barcelona. Later, he continued his training at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium. Also thanks to scholarships that were granted, he was able to start working in the workshop Hermann Kätelhön Druckgraphic and the Pilar and Joan Miró...

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  • Asunción Jódar
    Night under mirrors and day under the wind.

    Asunción Jódar (Lorca, 1955) is a Spanish artist. She studied and graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid and later she received a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, where she is a professor in the drawing department. Her teaching and research work is for what she is also known for, being a principal researcher of...

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  • José Manuel Ciria
    Spanish night (tatoo).

    José Manuel Ciria (Manchester, 1960) is an Anglo-Spanish painter and engraver. As a child he showed a precocious talent for drawing and painting, and after studying at diverse schools and workshops, enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Madrid at the age of seventeen. Since then, however, his artistic enterprise has been largely self-taught. Among his...

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  • George Mead Moore
    La luz al final del túnel / The light at the end of tunnel.

    George Mead Moore (Morristown, 1954) is an American artist who mixes photography, drawing and painting. He studied and graduated in Social Anthropology at Harvard University, but speaking of his more purely artistic side, he is considered a self-taught artist. His works are governed by a very marked theme being the great apes, hurricanes and plants their...

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  • Javier de Juan
    Fortune is blind.

    Javier de Juan Linares (Jaén, 1958) is a Spanish graphic artist and draftsman. Javier de Juan is one of the main exponents of the New Spanish Figuration, belonging to the generation of comic strip artists of the late 70s and early 80s. In his works and compositions are shown the daily life of the city, within a narrative centered on personal...

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  • François Marèchal
    Paradise flower.

    François Maréchal (Evreux, 1938- Madrid, 2018) is a French painter, draftsman and engraver. Since 1963, he has resided in Spain. He began his studies at the school of fine arts in Le Mans. When he moved to Spain, he began to study painting at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, together with Professor Julio Moisés. He works in the workshop of...

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  • Anhelo Hernández
    The consecration of Sping.

    Anhelo Hernández Ríos (Montevideo, 1922 - 2010) Uruguayan painter, draftsman and engraver. He has also participated in more than one hundred collective exhibitions, among which are the Ibero-American in Mexico, the Biennial of Havana in Cuba or Aluarte in Uruguay. He made more than thirty individual exhibitions exhibiting engravings, drawings and...

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  • José Luis Cuevas
    The street.

    José Luis Cuevas (Mexico City, 1934-2017) was a Mexican painter, draftsman, writer, engraver, sculptor and illustrator. He is considered one of the most outstanding Mexican artists of the second half of the twentieth century, for the rejection of the two pillars of the Mexican culture of the moment: Muralism and nationalism. His thematic line deals with...

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  • Matías Quetglás
    The Annunciation.

    Matias Quetglas (Ciudadela, 1946) is a painter, sculptor and engraver belonging to the group of realist artists born during the postwar period. Since he was very young at the age of eighteen, he is already making his first exhibition in his hometown. Later he moved to Madrid where he began studying at the School of Fine Arts. His taste for the human body...

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  • Cayetano Aníbal
    Ladies game.

    Cayetano Aníbal (Sevilla, 1929) is a Spanish sculptor, painter, and engraver. He studied at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Santa Isabel in Hungary, the specialty of sculpture and later began in the intaglio engraving at the Workshop of the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation. He exhibits his work in individual and collective exhibitions in many Spanish...

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  • Carlos Franco
    Dutch interior-exterior with a gypsy.

    Carlos Franco (Madrid, 1951) is a Spanish graphic artist, painter and sculptor. He is one of the group of artists most representative of the New Madrid Figuration, his work stands out for its use of symbols from classical mythology and the realm of the unconscious. He has also illustrated publications ranging from Virgil’s Aeneid to press articles in...

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  • Milena Aguilar Polak
    Insects I.

    Milena Aguilar Polak (Linz, 1968), is an Austrian artist. She has a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Arts in Braunschweig, Germany. In addition to her artistic activity, she also stands out for her work as a teacher at the University of the Arts in Bremen. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions in different countries such as...

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  • Nacho Criado
    In Nomine Dei.

    Nacho Criado (Mengibar, 1943-Madrid, 2010) was a Spanish sculptor and experimental artist. He studied architecture in Madrid and later studied Social Sciences in Barcelona. He is considered one of the most representative artists of contemporary Spanish art and the introducer of conceptual art in Spain. He made numerous exhibitions at the Reina Sofía...

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  • Lila Insúa
    In between.

    Lila Insúa (Madrid, 1975) is a Spanish artist. He studied and received his doctorate in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. In addition to her artistic work she stands out for her teaching work as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM in Madrid, delegate of the Dean for Exhibitions, and Vice Dean of University Extension of...

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  • José Luis Alexanco

    José Luis Alexanco (Madrid, 1942) is a Spanish painter, engraver and sculptor. He studied drawing and engraving at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, in Madrid. He is considered one of the promoters of the experiments. His honors include the National Print Prize awarded by the Directorate-General of Fine Arts and the National Sculpture Prize at the...

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  • Mela Ferrer
    Color print.

    Mela Ferrer (Madrid, 1960) is a Spanish painter, engraver and printer. He began his artistic training at the School of Applied Arts and then continued his training at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando where he graduated in the specialty of intaglio engraving. His work is considered the heir of abstract formalism. He has made exhibitions in...

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  • Darío Villalba
    Man breach.

    Darío Villalba (San Sebastián, 1939) was a Spanish painter and photographer. He was one of the most prestigious Spanish artists in the international avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century, a precursor of the use of the photographic image as a pictorial material. He began studying art in the San Fernando School of Fine Arts in Madrid, after...

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  • Julio Zachrisson
    Circus people.

    Julio Augusto Zachrisson (Panama, 1930) is a Panamanian painter and engraver. He began his studies at the National School of Painting. In his first years he made several trips to Central American countries to expand his artistic knowledge. Finally, he settled in Mexico where he began to study at the National Institute of Fine Arts, sparking his interest...

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  • Martín Chirino

    Martin Chirino (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1925) is a Spanish sculptor and engraver. He studied at the academy of the sculptor Manuel Ramos in his hometown. Later he entered the School of Fine Arts of Madrid. After finishing his studies in Spain, he decided to travel to London, where he took classes at the School of Fine Arts, a stage that would make him...

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  • Fernando Bellver
    Fernández y Fernández.

    Fernando Bellver (Madrid, 1954) is a Spanish painter. He is considered one of the representatives of Spanish figurative art. He entered the School of Arts and Crafts of Madrid with only 13 years, specializing in engraving techniques. He set up his own workshop, the Mayor 18 workshop, a place of work for artists as renowned as Rafael Canogar or Joan Miró....

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  • Clara Gangutia
    Light on the Kursaal Bridge.

    Clara Gangutia (San Sebastián, 1952) is a Spanish artist. She began her studies at the Superior School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid without finishing them. She has participated in different collective exhibitions mostly in Madrid, but also in cities such as San Sebastian, Bilbao or Barcelona. Examples of them are A.R.C.O. in Madrid, the San...

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  • Fernando Rodrigo

    Fernando Rodrigo (Segovia 1944 - Madrid 2014) was a Spanish artist. He began his artistic training as many other artists of the time, being a student of Antonio López at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando He is considered one of the unique artists of the called Second Generation of Realists that emerged in Madrid in the late sixties of the...

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